Miso Markovina

I started my relationship with Claremont Audiology (now HearInAfrica Claremont) in Cape Town more than 15 years ago. Apart from my business career, I also played music professionally and had difficulty hearing the other instruments around me. Their assessment made me acquire my first hearing aid and since then, due to my music needs, I moved to Beltone hearing aids which I have worn since. Over the years I developed a close relationship with the audiologists and staff. They got to know me as a patient and person. Equally important is the reception staff who handle enquiries, appointments, accounts, repairs co-ordination and many other issues. Now in my late 70s, I consider myself fortunate to be in the hands of HearInAfrica and by now I feel like a member of the family. With the help of my hearing aids my hearing is normal, my music performance is better and my wife loves me because we can conduct proper conversations without effort.