What We Do

HearInAfrica is an independent centre of audiology excellence which aims to assist in reducing the global burden of hearing loss, with a specific focus on the African continent. We strive to achieve this aim by improving the quality of, access to, and sustainability of, audiology services in Africa.

HearInAfrica is committed to:

  • Providing first-class, evidence-based and ethical audiology services, support and guidance to individuals and organisations involved in providing hearing healthcare services within the private and public healthcare sectors.
  • Promoting the profession of audiology to potential students in Africa.
  • Providing opportunities for scholars and students to observe private practice audiology services and engage with experienced South African audiologists.
  • Assisting with the screening, preparation and training of NGO volunteers and project workers.
  • Serving as an interface for collaboration between key stakeholders and relevant healthcare professionals, academic institutions and organisations involved in reducing the global burden of hearing loss.
  • Increasing public awareness of the global burden of hearing loss, with a specific focus on the situation in Africa.
  • Advocating for the implementation of global best practice guidelines and minimum standards for humanitarian hearing healthcare projects.
  • Collaborating with academic institutions to increase the amount of research conducted and published on audiology services in Africa.